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Case Studies

A selection of recent Magnatech projects

Magnatech units are being used in a wide variety of commercial premises, saving small and large businesses millions year-on-year, as well as delivering substantial CO2 savings.

A trial by microprocessor manufacturer Atmel, which used sensitive recording equipment to measure boiler performance, showed that once fitted to its 5MW boiler, Magnatech’s units delivered savings in just a few days. With this in mind, Atmel extended the trial, fitting units to another boiler – with reports showing savings in gas consumption of more than 9%. Principal mechanical engineer, Paul Ingham said: “I didn’t really believe it was possible. Amazingly within just two days savings were apparent! Now we are seeing a reduction in gas consumption of around 9.5%.”

Tamar Foods
Tamar Foods is part of the Samworth Bros. Group, one of the UK’s largest food producers. A trial of Magnatech units on the company’s 2615kW steam boiler delivered a reduction in gas use of 6% - with an associated efficiency improvement of 24%. The results showed that the units would pay for themselves in just under a year. The company is now rolling out Magnatech units across the rest of its site.

Other companies saving with Magnatech include: